Job Posting: Birmingham Business Alliance- CEO

The BBA is seeking a dynamic and transformational leader to serve as its next Chief Executive Officer.  The successful candidate will be assuming responsibility over a well-respected, well run institution whose mission has a positive impact on the entire central Alabama region.  The next CEO is responsible for overseeing the BBA’s day-to-day operations, administration, finance/budget, information technology, strategic planning, research, business analysis, economic development, public policy, investor relations and risk management functions, as well as developing collaborative efforts between the BBA and its community partners.  The successful candidate’s responsibilities include:


  • Serving as the senior staff member of the BBA Executive Team, participating in review and development of organizational level strategies, operations and policies.
  • Serving as the primary liaison with the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee.
  • Serving as the leading external face and voice of the BBA, interacting directly with investors, stakeholders, partners, affiliates, elected officials, corporations, businesses (large and small), community leaders, etc.
  • Leading collaborative activities internally and externally between the BBA and its community partners with the goal of advancing the prosperity of the Birmingham Region’s business economy.
  • Serving on the boards, task forces, and similar community/organizational entities that influence BBA’s ability to achieve the organization’s strategic objectives.
  • Ensuring that the BBA is seen as a leader in advancing the region’s economic growth and expansion efforts – whether through direct leadership, participation or serving as the convener of successful initiatives.
  • Managing the annual calendar and agenda development for BBA’s Board of Directors Meetings and BBA Executive Committee and Board committee meetings.
  • Overseeing the plans and activities of BBA staff and team members, ensuring alignment toward and achievement of strategic objectives.
  • Managing the performance and development of all direct reports and staff, creating and/or approving key performance indicators (KPIs) for the organization, teams and individuals.

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