Chairman’s Message

Welcome to the website of the Chamber of Commerce Association of Alabama! 

The CCAA is the membership association of chamber of commerce professionals who collectively represent over 100 chambers located throughout Alabama.  Chamber executives representing both small and large communities share a commitment to the vision of the CCAA, “driving prosperity through stronger chambers of commerce in Alabama”, and to its mission:  “building stronger chambers of commerce and communities in Alabama through professional development, partnerships and a united voice for business.” 

 Our organization, established in 1937, is led by a board of directors representing diverse professional backgrounds, and by our President & CEO, Jeremy Arthur, who is also a seasoned chamber professional.  The CCAA’s work is significantly enhanced by a unique partnership with the Business Council of Alabama.  Together, the “Partnership” between BCA and CCAA represents the interests of over 1 million working Alabamians. 

We welcome your interest in CCAA, and we invite you and your chamber to become actively involved.  Whether you have worked with chambers of commerce for years, or you are just now getting started in the profession, CCAA can help you.  Throughout each year we offer seminars, webinars and other events designed to help prepare chamber professionals to better serve their communities.  Probably most important, the opportunity to network with others who face the everyday challenges of managing a chamber of commerce is likely something you will enjoy and will benefit from. 

We encourage you to periodically check this website for updates, in particular our calendar of events, and to let us know how we can assist you.

 On behalf of the Board of Directors of CCAA, welcome!

Dean Mitchell
2021 Chairman, Chamber of Commerce Association of Alabama
Executive Director, Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce